Games Night 1st May

Let’s have fun! Time to get relax and to have fun playing games.

All you need to do is join us on Saturday, May 1st at 21:30p.m. for FREE, fun interactive Online Game Night! This game night will feature one round of general pop culture trivia on Kahoot.

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How to Play:
It’s easy to play! All you will need is a device and Zoom account where you can log in and see the host’s shared screen, Send It Entertainment. Each player within the household will need a second device such as a smartphone, iPad, tablet, etc. Once the shared screen is on, you will need to take device #2 and using the browser, visit and enter the game pin number you will see on the shared screen.
In order to maximize the most available for the greatest number of participants, please only use one Zoom login per household to utilize the shared screen.